Monday, March 19, 2012

Nostalgic Garden Roses

My mom and I were grocery shopping last week when I spotted these beauties out of the corner of my eye. I was immediately transfixed, initially assuming they were peonies but upon closer look realizing this was not the case. The florist was quick to offer an explanation: nostalgic garden roses. I'm no floriculturist, in fact my thumb is anything but green, but I've always had an appreciation for all things old and beautiful. She explained that nowadays, most roses are grown in hot houses. As a result, modern "roses" rarely smell like roses. Enter the nostalgic garden rose. A reminder of a simpler time, they are grown in actual gardens and smell like actual roses. Just as they should. 
I've never been a fan of anything too perfect, and as I looked at these nostalgic garden roses I started feeling a little sad. Have we gotten so far off that we mass produce our flowers, and everything else, until there is no variation? Marilyn Monroe is credited for saying "Imperfection is beauty," and I wholeheartedly agree. The slightly irregular shapes, the variation in color... by modern standards these roses are sub-par, but in my book they are perfectly imperfect and absolutely stunning. 

p.s. from the archives, on nostalgia


  1. Those roses are beautiful! I had to do a story for my internship about a new flower that is grown in NC by the New Hanover Garden Club. And the woman said the exact same thing- The rarity of a naturally, pure grown rose is so sobering to naturalists! I prefer these flowers with imperfections, like you! They are beautiful and each one distinct.

  2. Wonderful roses! I can't wait for mine to start blooming so I can enjoy them even more! Thank you for a flashback to last spring!



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