Friday, March 9, 2012

Guilt-free Friday!

Hello lovey loos! Happy Friday to you! Do you have anything special planned for this weekend? Taylor is heading north to spend a few days here in Emerald Isle. Our time promises to be relaxed and cozy, filled with my mom's spaghetti, red wine, watching basketball, and booking flights! (details to come!) Sunday afternoon I have a little "speaking engagement." I'm filled with nervous excitement and would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as I'm putting the finishing touches on my presentation (again, details to come.) I hope you have a blissful weekend. Do something adventurous! Until we meet again...

Hey! It's ok...

... if you're ready for spring, but not quite ready for the burdensome task of shaving your legs

... if you can tell time based on your coffee consumption. Third cup? It must be 9:15. 

... to challenge the refs calls against your team. Even if you don't technically know what traveling is. "That was all ball! Oh, I mean, he didn't even move! Yeah..." (just for future reference)

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