Tuesday, December 27, 2011


One day last summer I asked my parents what the key to their marriage was. My mom was first to answer, and as tears welled up in her eyes she explained that she still feels the same way about my dad as she did on the day she married him. She said her heart still flutters when she sees him, even if he's only been gone for the day. 

My dad's answer was simple: Christ. Jesus Christ is the center of their marriage, the foundation upon which their relationship rests. They both find their identity in Him first, and then in each other. As a result, my dad loves my mom like Christ loves the church, even willing to lay down his life for her. And my mom is secure in this, so she is able to submit to him in love and trust, just as the church submits to Christ.*
Cheers to my wonderful parents as they celebrate 25 years of marriage today! Thank you for your example of love, friendship, and, above all else, a focus on Christ. 

*For further reading on what a Christian marriage looks like, I encourage you to read Ephesians 5:21-33


  1. It's my parents anniversary today as well! 31 years. It is awesome that we can have Godly role models to look up to in all situations!

  2. Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Johns! Truly a milestone!

  3. This was lovely! Congrats to your parents!



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