Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shameless Saturday

Hi cupcakes! Happy Saturday! After a bit of a whirlwind week, I am so looking forward to relaxing this weekend. Taylor is visiting and I think I've roped him into spending a majority of our time baking cookies. (It doesn't take much convincing as long as peanut butter and chocolate are involved.) I hope you're having a sweet weekend too! Until next time...

Hey! It's ok...

...if the bulk of your Christmas shopping takes place on Christmas Eve believe that ordering a side salad somehow counteracts the buffalo wings/potato skins/cheeseburger & fries. (Somehow it always seems to settle the score.)

...if Christmas turns you into an absolute Cookie Monster.  [Seriously guys, I made 5 batches Thursday night. (recipes to come!)]
[C is for Cookie. Or Caitlin.]

1 comment:

  1. I always feel better when I eat a salad with junk food! :)



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