Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blonde Ambition

My hair is brown. I dye it darker. Not gothic darker. My stylist adds low-lights a few times a year to give my color some dimension. And I love it. Not in a "look at me, I'm so pretty" kind of way, more like a "the woman who crafts this hair is an absolute artist/shear genius" kind of thing. On its own, my hair tends to be dull, mousy, and boring. But thanks to Brenda, it is healthy and shiny.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could be blonde. Only for a day or two, then I want my hair back. 
I went in for a hair appointment Saturday afternoon and showed Brenda this picture. Of course I cannot pull off this pretty shade of platinum like Reese can, and I'm not ready to take the plunge and bid my long locks goodbye just yet, but I was craving a change. 
[shoes: minnetonka, jeans: seven for all mankind, sweater: h&m, necklace: vintage, furry friend: Christmas present 2007]
Brenda had just the solution to my restless hair syndrome: a few inches shorter & new bangs. I am absolutely loving it. I still feel like I have "long hair," but I can blow dry it in half the time and it has 100x the body and volume. It doesn't look so hippie-amish-granola anymore and I feel like a new woman. Oh, and she didn't even have to touch my color. Whoever said blondes have more fun... was wrong.

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  1. I love Brenda! She is great! And always knows what to do with my hair. She does fabulous wedding hair too! I wish I could take her to Virginia Beach with me ;)



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