Monday, December 19, 2011

Hanging with the Boys

I know I'll always be a red wine lover, but a little variety in a girl's beverage repertoire never hurt anyone. I concocted this bourbon drink last night, and I must say I was pretty pleased. As opposed to vodka or rum, there's just something about drinking bourbon or whiskey that makes me feel like I can hang with the boys* (Even if my mixers are pink and Italian... about as girly as it gets.) 
2 oz. bourbon
2 oz. cranberry juice
top with San Pellegrino Aranciata (orange)
& serve over ice

I'm still working on a name for this lovely libation, but at the moment I'm thinking something along the lines of "Winter Sunset." Truth be told, I'm still wrapped up in the scene that unfolded before me as we sipped on the front porch...
[you can't even make up stuff like this]

*No need to worry, you'll never catch this girl guzzling beer with the boys. 
("Because I'm a lady, that's why!")

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