Monday, December 5, 2011

Elf Day

Hello little elves, did you have a festive weekend? I most certainly did. Saturday afternoon I dashed off to Wilmington so Taylor and I could celebrate the 3rd annual Elf Day!* We attended a handmade holiday craft show, picked out a tree, and grabbed dinner with Taylor's brother & his girlfriend at a new restaurant in town. It was so much fun! 
The remainder of the evening was spent with friends baking homemade ornaments and trimming the tree, making Oreo bark and listening to all the best Christmas music. It was absolute perfection...
The ornaments were made by mixing cinnamon and applesauce, and then baking the cut-outs for 2 hours. [i.e. olfactory heaven, seriously, the whole house smelled like cinnamon-Christmas-wonderland] I love how rustic and old-fashioned they look, so I plan on making a batch for my tree this afternoon.

The bark was ridiculously easy (only 2 ingredients!) and absolutely delicious.

*Elf Day is day each year dedicated to doing all things Christmas. The first Elf Day we bought presents, wrapped gifts, and ate ice cream for dinner. Last year, I made a roasted tomato tart and attended a festive party with my girlfriends.  
[Elf Day 2009]

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  1. Elf day! I love it! may have to borrow that one ;)



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