Wednesday, January 4, 2012

alter ego/confessions

I couldn't decide between two different titles for this post, so I decided to go with both. Let's start with confessions... (cue Usher... these are my confessions...anyone?)

1. I may or may not have worn shoes from the kids section on New Years Eve. There's something so strange about sipping adult beverages while wearing kids shoes... and I like it. 
[But I mean hey, they're Michael Kors, gimmeabreak.]
2. As for the jeans... got them for Christmas 2 years ago. Yeah, seriously. And NYE was the second time I wore them. I'm sure you're asking "Why?!? They make your bum look like a mini cupcake and slim your soccer thighs in all the right places?!?" why thank you darling, you're too kind. Well, (here's the "alter ego" part) it took me 2 years to get them hemmed. Seriously. There's no excuse. So, (cue PSA) if you have jeans that are too long hiding in your closet, spend the extra $10 this week and get those puppies hemmed. You'll thank yourself. 
3. So wanna know the first time I wore these jeans? It was Christmas Eve eve. As in December 23, 2011. When I wore the exact same outfit. (aaaand cue Britney... oops I, did it again, to your heaaaart.) Shameless, but I couldn't resist. The top (by Vince Camuto) is the perfect combination of girly (pale pink, blousy bow, etc.) and edgy (gold studs... need I say more?)

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  1. Love this post, you're so funny! I NEED that top!!!!!!



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