Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Ok, everybody and their dog is on Pinterest now, so I don't have to tell you how great it is. But in the 8 months that I've had an account, I have collected hundreds of pins... and done nothing with them. I soon realized my "virtual inspiration board" was only inspiring me to waste time pinning more pins. That was until this last week. After a brief hiatus from the site (I got sick of seeing pictures of skankorexic girls posted as "fitness" and so.many.weddings. Speakingofwhich... if girls spent half as much time studying what God's plan for marriage is as they do planning their dream weddings, our divorce rate would be cut in half. Ok, end soapbox.) But my job search led me back to Pinterest last week (read: I got sick of looking for jobs so I started procrastinating on Pinterest last week.) And y'all... I actually used my pins. 

1. Ring as Brooch: I'll admit it, my "wear it" board is pretty extensive. But I don't like the idea of completely recreating someone's outfit in its entirety. Duplication has never really been my thing, and while some say imitation is the highest form of flattery, I say its a complete lack of imagination and creativity. After all, it's called personal style for a reason. I do find inspiration in color palates, hemlines, proportions, and seeing new uses for old things... like a ring as a brooch. Genius. 
2. Almost every day Taylor asks me what he should make for dinner. And almost every day I say I don't know. But last week? I was a hero. 
[I think his picture (via instagram) looks better than the original!]
3. My mom and I were synchronized pinning one day (you know... 2 iPads... one room... discussing everything interesting you see) She pinned these potatoes and made them the next night. Aren't they pretty?
4. I liked these poms, but since I'm kind of transient right now it doesn't make sense to redecorate the pool house. Sister's room? Fair game.
[we found silver Martha Stewart pom poms at TJ Maxx on the cheap.]
5. Ok, so there are 75862708620 pins about organization, and while everyone loves the idea of organization, who wants to break down and actually do it in real life? As of last week: this girl. I detoxed my bathroom, purged a ton of stuff I don't use and organized what I do use. I was disgusted by how many duplicates of various products I have purchased without knowing. 
[the finished product! no before pictures for the sake of my reputation.]
6. Aaaand... I got a puppy.
Sike. I've just been loving on mine!
[Pins: 1,2,3,4,5]

Has Pinterest inspired you to do anything crazy?

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  1. I printed off the recipe for the stuffed shells yesterday (found on your board, of course)! They look amazing, and it's nice to see that the recipe really does turn out!



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