Wednesday, January 11, 2012

late nights

I'm sure this comes as no surprise, but I never was much of a party girl in college. Don't get me wrong, I had loads of fun with the best friends a girl could ask for, but I never would consider myself a rager. And I hate putting things off til the last minute, so all-nighters in the library were not an option. 

And yet, there were still nights that turned into mornings, glasses that turned into bottles, and projects that turned into the spawn of Satan took longer than expected. Whether you're forced to stay up late to finish a project, you have to wake up before the sun to catch a flight, or if you're just pulling a total Lindsay Lohan*, these are my 2 tricks for looking refreshed, even when you're running on empty.
1. Water. Whenever I know I'm not going to get my optimal 8 hours of beauty sleep, I drink a minimum of 16.9 oz** of water before hitting the hay. It flushes of the toxins and keeps skin looking healthy, from the inside out. 
2. Moisturizer. I always wash my face before bed, and on particularly late nights I slather on as much lotion as my skin can absorb, and then a little more. It counteracts the gray, dull look skin gets when sleep deprived. I prefer this option from Walmart, because it's not greasy and it's super affordable, so I don't feel indulgent/wasteful when I use a dollop the size of a silver dollar. 

*Totally kiddinggg. You know I would never advocate reckless over-consumption, rightt?

**16.9 because that's how many ounces are in an Aquafina, which I always kept on hand for emergencies, during my my crazy college days [sike.]

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