Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Dreaming Tree

Hi hii my sweets, did you have a lovely long weekend? I most certainly did. Hilights included:

visiting my 92-year-old great grandmother
dinner with my dashing date...
and an oyster roast to celebrate a good friend's birthday! 
I took two bottles of wine to the oyster roast: something pink and bubbly for the birthday girl (of course) and something red and delicious for myself. Have you heard of The Dreaming Tree Wines? It is a collaboration between musical genius Dave Matthews and winemaker Steve Reeder. I sampled Crush, their red blend, when we added it to our wine list at the restaurant. I'm not usually a fan of blends, but I love the smooth, fruity flavor of Crush. (Dave says it's like blackberry cobbler)
Saturday night I tried the Cabernet and it was equally delicious. These wines are crafted for people to enjoy, to share, to experience. They are made with passion, and I think you can certainly taste that in each glass. Also, they are made with respect, great care, and a commitment to sustainability. 

Now I'm no tree-hugging hippie (I mean sometimes I don't brush my hair, and I own my fair share of maxi dresses, but that's about the extent of it) but I am absolutely an advocate for stewardship and taking great care of the blessings and abundance God has given us through His creation. 

Bottom line: These are wines you can count on to be delicious. They are wines you can feel good drinking (I'm lookin at  you, Mother Nature. #kidding) And besides, wouldn't you feel significantly cooler walking into a party with Dave Matthews than Rex Goliath? Thought so. 
p.s. if I didn't win you over, their website certainly will. It is chocked full of cool videos about the wine-making process.

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