Friday, January 27, 2012

Guilt-free Friday!

Happy rainy Friday, friends! It is a very special Friday, because today my little brother turns 21! He is headed home for the night to celebrate with the family and I couldn't be happier. Here's hoping you've got something fun to celebrate this weekend. Until next time, cheers and the warmest of wishes. 

Hey, it's ok...

... if you haven't purchased your 2012 planner/calendar yet

... if your best ideas come to you in the shower, and since you have no way of writing them down, they promptly get washed down the drain.

... to have more pride for your parents' alma mater than your own
[momma and I will be wearing our matching sweatshirts on game day tomorrow! go big blue!]


  1. Oh gosh, I love your guilt-free Fridays! I thought of a poem in my head today in the shower. And down into the drain it went. Oh well

  2. I've written songs in the shower. Good ones! Well, at least I think they were good. Down the drain they went, never to return.



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