Wednesday, January 18, 2012


[As I was cleaning out my drafts, I found this post- unpublished- from August. I'm not sure why it never posted, but on this cold, rainy morning it seems appropriate.]

Just as quickly as she advanced upon us, Irene has passed, leaving only minor damages in her wake. It has been a long day in coastal Carolina, the beaches were pummeled from the wee hours of the morning until shortly after dusk. Trees are dismembered, their branches lay strewn about. The electricity sizzled out hours ago, and the flood waters are sure to linger for a few more days.
But we are safe. 

Renewed thankfulness for the little things: Old Audrey Hepburn films (Roman Holiday) red wine (Robert Mondavi) and warm brownies (even if you have to bake them in a bundt pan) 

[August 27, 2011]
It's funny to me how similar things are 5 months later. The details are vary slightly (Sabrina, Dreaming Tree Cabernet, dark chocolate covered almonds) but the effect is still same: a deep, cleansing breath, a feeling that every little thing is gonna be alright, and deep, overwhelming gratitude.

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