Monday, October 18, 2010

Dolman Sleeve

Have you noticed how universally flattering and adorable a Dolman sleeve can be? Seriously, 100% understated, effortless elegance. I've been loving them lately, which means I have been buying them in every color, which actually means I have been buying them in every shade of grey, which is a whole other issue.
Well, all I really want is this cashmere sweater from Uniqlo. I spotted it on a Cup of Jo over a month ago and I still dream about it at night. I understand that it is grey. But really, having half of your wardrobe consist of grey only lends itself to easy accessorizing when you're in a pinch and unmatched flexibility when it comes to selecting the rest of your outfit. And I know that I live in a region where cashmere is practically extinct, especially considering the fact that it is mid-October and temperatures are still reaching the low 80s during the day, but thankfully I'm cold-natured, which makes rationalizing this purchase even easier. BUT... I waited too long and I cannot find the sweater on Uniqlo. Whyyyyy?!

So, sweater gods, if you're reading this... you know what to do.

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