Monday, October 11, 2010

Here's Johnny!

The amount of time I spent in my apartment this weekend (and in Ugg slippers, for that matter) was moderately exorbitant. Friday was ok, I got a lot of work done and felt pretty accomplished by the day's end. By Saturday night though, I started to resemble Jack Nicholson in The Shining. 
All work and no play makes Jack Caitlin a dull boy girl. 

Well, not leaving the building did have its advantages. For example, I had been dying to make pot roast and vowed to do so as soon as the temperatures allowed. But when you don't go outside all day, it doesn't matter if it is 60 degrees or 80 degrees. 

So, I made pot roast Saturday night. I think the high that day was 82. But the pot roast was good. We finished it off with some homemade brownies that I saw on Chloe's blog a while back. And when I say "a while back" I mean sometime this summer. But those brownies looked so good and I have been dreaming about them ever since. They were even better than I imagined and I highly recommend the recipe. Alton Brown for the win. 
Browning the meat is essential. But I decided against dredging it in flour, I just seasoned it then tossed it in the dutch oven (thanks Julian!) 
 Once I added the vegetables that baby was full!
 Sent it off to ovenland with kisses and well wishes.
 Seriously? I'm not gonna lie. I did a little dance when I took the lid off and it looked like this. And by little dance I mean I jumped up and down. After it roasted for about an hour and a half, I decided to stir things up a bit and pull the meat to the top so it could get nice and brown. Good decision. 
 Roasted brussels sprouts and broccoli. 
 I Caitlin, solemnly swear, to only buy boxed brownie mix if it is an absolute emergency.  
Seriously? Seriously?! They were. legitimately. the best brownies I have ev-er had. They tasted just like chocolate soufflé. Minus the testy little egg white whipping.   
Britney is a really supportive friend, and clearly we were really excited that I finally got dressed for the first time all weekend, even if I was wearing her clothes.

Pot roast recipe here
Brownie recipe here


  1. Caitlin!! I love this blog entry :)

  2. Yay! I'm glad you liked those brownies...they are addictive in every way. Also, I am jealous of both your pot roast and your dutch oven. Two things that are high on my list of wants.



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