Sunday, October 17, 2010

Listening to...

Confession: I have always been a little cynical about the tagline of my favorite Christian radio station, K-Love. Maybe you've heard it...

"Pooositiiiiive, encoooouuuuuraaaginnngg K-Loveeeeeee." (it's even cheesier when it is being sung... trust me.)

I mean, don't get me wrong, I have always thought of their music as uplifting, but the whole positive, encouraging thing just seemed over the top. That is, until I heard "Beautiful" by MercyMe. I heard it about an hour ago while I was driving to a meeting and I truly felt so encouraged. I had to share this beautiful song (pun obviously intended, as always) in hopes that it gives you some encouragement too on this Sunday evening.

Disclaimer: I'm not a home-schooled, horse-loving, Christian music fanatic. Yes, my mom let me listen to the Backstreet Boys when I was 12 and yes, I have a variety of music on my iPod. But I really do appreciate Christian music and the powerful message it conveys.

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