Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shameless Saturday

So, I missed Guilt-free Friday yesterday... whoops! I have just been so busy finalizing some last minute details before I leave for Tanzania in... 9 DAYS. Gosh, it hasn't really hit me yet. Probably because I am so unprepared. So, in addition to soccer-momming it up, I have been scrambling to finish some course work, get a prescription filled for malaria prevention meds (that I have to start taking in 2 days... eek) and checking the mail compulsively in hopes that my visa arrives. Stat. 

Anyways, in the spirit if Guilt-free Friday, let's have a Shameless Saturday (i.e. things I probably should be feeling guilty about, but I'm not.)

... I'm on latte number three. It isn't even 10:30am yet. BUT, at least there's no Baileys in it, right?
... I'm listening to Christmas music. BUT, I'm going to be gone November 1-14, which means I'll be missing out on two solid weeks of Christmas music. So sing on, Glenn Miller, sing on.
... I've spent more time planning what to wear on the 30 hour flight than I have spent preparing for my two tests this week. (Not to mention the 3 papers and professional portfolio I need to complete before my departure)
... Instead of studying yesterday I got a manicure. And a pedicure. All while reading InStyle Magazine. 
(not my feet)
... I know more about my new camera than I know about types of insurance and deductibles (i.e. what my finance test will be covering) Did I mention I don't know how to turn on my camera yet?

Also, I stole all of these pictures. I mainly found them on Google Images, which kind of makes it not like stealing. Except that it is. But I mean hey, what do you expect from someone who doesn't know how to turn on her camera?

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  1. So good to hear someone else is shamelessly listening to some joyful, much needed christmas music! Cool weather means we need some warm christmas pick-me-ups, don't matter the month we're in!

    Good luck with your work and school tasks! Glad to hear you got some pampering and primping in before hand. Now you look and feel fabulous while you do it all (That sounds like increased productivity, to me! (= )



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